Kabobs and Sandwiches served with a dollop of yogurt and choice of side.

Chicken Kabobs

Moist chicken breast with lemon, saffron, and garlic.

Lamb Kabobs

Tender lamb marinated with cumin, cilantro and garlic.

Shrimp Kabobs

Six jumbo shrimp with dill, cilantro and garlic.

Beef Steak Kabobs

Moroccan spiced beef steak on skewers.

Salmon Kabobs

(Mahi may be available) Marinated and grilled to perfection.

Kefta Sandwich

(Spiced ground beef) Two marinated patties over a fresh pita.

Eggplant Sandwich

Grilled eggplant with humus snuggled in a pita.


Our signature gyro – the Best.

Bakola (Spinach)

Warm marinated spinach with melted cheese and choice of side.

Soup and Salad

A steaming bowl of Lentil soup and house salad.

Bowl of Soup

Side Options: Saffron Rice | Chilled Couscous Salad | House Salad with Pomegranate
dressing, olives, cranberries, feta and almonds.

Add an extra Kabob to any Order:

Chicken – Shrimp – Lamb – Salmon – Beef Steak. Ask for fresh baked Pita under your kabobs to make your own sandwich.

Please let us know if you are gluten free or have food allergies.